• Administrator画面のSamples画面から以下のサンプルコンテンツが再生できます。RealPlayerがインストールされていれば自動的に起動され、コンテンツが再生されます。但し、QuickTimeについては、QuickTime playerが必要になりますが、残念ながらLinux版はありません。WindowsまたはMac環境からアクセスする必要があります。

    サンプル 説明
    RealVideo 8.0 Co-developed with Intel, RealVideo 8 provides the highest quality streaming media experience, from narrowband to broadband, with VHS quality for broadband viewers and DVD quality at 1 Mbps.
    RealAudio 8.0 Finally, Internet audio that does justice to your music. With better quality at half of the bandwidth, RealAudio 8 provides CD quality at 64 Kbps and supports the highest fidelity across the broadest range of bandwidth rates, from 16 Kbps to 352 Kbps.
    Flash 4 Ideal for long-form animation and e-commerce applications, streaming Flash 4 from Macromedia provides bandwidth-efficient broadcasting and synchronization in SMIL presentations.
    RealPix, RealText, and SMIL RealPix allows existing image formats like JPEG to be easily added to presentations, offering powerful transition effects and overlay capabilities. RealText allows both static and live XML-compliant text to be added to presentations with powerful effects like smooth scrolling, selectable fonts, and selectable colors. SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) enables the Server to deliver and choreograph multiple live and pre-recorded events, graphics, ads, and text feeds into a single compelling presentation.
    MP3 Take advantage of streaming delivery for the popular MP3 format.
    QuickTime Through proven leadership with the industry standard RTSP, RealServer 8 interoperates with other RTSP clients, broadcasting to QuickTime clients with QuickTime content. Sample playback requires the QuickTime player.



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