RealServer Basicのインストール

  • ダウンロードが完了したら、コマンドラインからそのbinファイルを実行し、指示される画面に従って進めます。以下の「------(1)」等で区切られているそれぞれが指示画面です。

  • インストールするディレクトリは、指定する必要があります。以下では、RealPlayer8のデフォルト(/usr/local/lib/RealPlayer8)にならい、「/usr/local/lib/realserver8」にインストールします。

    # cd /tmp
    # ./rs8-0-freebsd-30.bin
    Welcome to the RealServer Setup for UNIX
    Setup will help you get RealServer running on your computer.
    Setup will step you through the installation process by displaying
    informational screens.  Please follow the navigational controls
         Key          Behavior
         ===          ========
         N            Next
         P            Previous
         X            Exit
         F            Finish (Express Installation)
    Each input requires the execution of the key above
    followed by the [ENTER] key.  Enter [N]ext to continue: N <--Nを入力
    If a RealServer license key file has been sent to you,
    please enter its directory path below. If you have not
    received a RealServer license key file, then this server
    will default to a Basic RealServer. <--そのままEnter
    Installation and use of RealServer requires 
    acceptance of the following terms and conditions: 
    Press [Enter] to display the license text... <--そのままEnter
    Copyright (c) 1995-2000 
    RealNetworks, Inc. and/or its 
    suppliers.  2601 Elliott 
    Ave., Suite 1000, Seattle, 
    Washington 98121 U.S.A.  
    Patents Pending. All rights 
    reserved.  RealNetworks, 
    RealServer, RealPlayer, 
    RealAudio, RealVideo, and 
    RealSystem are trademarks or 
    registered trademarks of 
    Choose "Accept" to accept the terms of this 
    license agreement and continue with RealServer setup. 
    If you do not accept these terms, enter "No"
    and installation of RealServer will be cancelled.
    (Default: Accept):  <--そのままEnterで同意します
    Enter the complete path to the directory where you want
    RealServer 8.0 to be installed.  You must specify the full
    pathname of the directory and have write privileges to
    the chosen directory [/tmp]: /usr/local/lib/realserver8 <--ディレクトリを指定
    Please enter a username and password that you will use 
    to access the web-based RealSystem Administrator, the 
    RealSystem monitors, and RealSystem live encoders: 
    Username: hnakamur <--Usernameを指定
    Password:  <--Passwordを指定
    Confirm Password:  <--Passwordの再入力
    Please enter a port on which RealServer will listen for 
    PNA connections.  These connections have URLs that begin 
    with "pnm://": (Default: 7070)  <--そのままEnter
    Please enter a port on which RealServer will listen for 
    RTSP connections.  These connections have URLs that begin 
    with "rtsp://": (Default: 554)  <--そのままEnter
    Please enter a port on which RealServer will listen for 
    HTTP connections.  These connections have URLs that begin 
    with "http://": (Default: 8080)  <--そのままEnter
    RealServer will listen for RealSystem Administrator 
    requests on the port shown.  This port has been 
    initialized to a random value for security.  Please 
    verify now that this pre-assigned port will not interfere
    with ports already in use on your system; you can 
    change it if necessary. (Default: 20850)  <--そのままEnter
    You have selected the following RealServer configuration:
    Admin Username:         hnakamur
    Admin Password:         ******
    Monitor Password:       ******
    Encoder Username:       hnakamur
    Encoder Password:       ******
    PNA Port:               7070
    RTSP Port:              554
    HTTP Port:              8080
    Admin Port:             20850
    Enter [F]inish to begin copying files, or [P]revious
    to go back to the previous prompts: F  <--Fを入力し終了
    Copying RealNetworks program files..........
    RealServer installation is complete. 
    The RealSystem Administrator allows you to configure 
    and maintain RealServer through an intuitive 
    web-based interface. Please note that RealServer 
    must be running in order to use the Administrator. 
    Would you like to start RealServer now and launch 
    the RealSystem Administrator? (Default: Yes)  <--そのままEnter
    If at any time you should require technical 
    assistance, please visit our on-line support area 
    at, or contact our RealServer 
    technical support team at (206) 674-2681.  
    Starting RealServer...
    Please Wait...
    Sending RealSystem Administrator URL to browser...
    If you do not have a browser installed on this machine, 
    or your browser failed to display the RealSystem 
    Administrator, simply type the following URL into the 
    location field of a browser that can connect to this 
    Cleaning up RealServer installation files...
    Please Wait...

  • 別にメールにより通知されるライセンスファイル(例:0738-08-04-010102012356234.lic)を、「/usr/local/lib/realserver8/License」ディレクトリにコピーします。

  • 以上です。

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Copyright (c) 2001 Hiroshi Nakamura. All rights reserved.